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1977 FJ40 Toyota Land Cruiser


this mostly original, unrestored 1977 fj40 Toyota Landcruiser. With only 76,000 original miles I am the third owner of the cruiser. The second owner purchased this cruiser in September of 1979 from Boulder Colorado with only 9,000 miles on it. It served as his daily driver for many years and mostly was used to explore the outdoors in the mountains of Colorado. As age and health issues caught up to this Landcruiser enthusiast, the cruiser became a permanent fixture in his driveway for the last 7 years until I recently purchased it. With a minor tune-up, this cruiser was up and running as if it never sat a day.
Now for the details and minor modifications that were made over the years to make it more useful and roadable to the owner of 35 years.
The drivetrain is completely original with the 2F inline 6 cylinder and four speed manual transmission. All the four wheel drive components are original and in good working condition. Most of the smog equipment was removed for better performance. He installed a header exhaust for increased power as well. Manual fuel pump was removed and an electronic fuel pump was installed under the driver’s seat. Pennzoil 20W-50 oil was used since 1979. There is a small oil leak from the oil pan area, but is very minor. As an electrical engineer, he invented an upgraded CD ignition system and was able to increase the sparkplug gap to 0.050 to gain horsepower. The alternator-voltage regulator is solid state on the firewall. He also installed a 2X2 inch load-leveler trailer hitch that bolts to the frame and  air shocks with an on board compressor to aid in pulling a small camper, trailer brake controller, installed a CB radio and cassette player to go along with the stock radio, 8000# Ox Super winch was a must for the mountain adventures, stock wheels were replaced with slightly wider white spoke rims for a more stable stance at 8 ½ inches wide, brand new 9.5 LR15LT BFG all- terrain tires were installed 5 years ago in hopes of getting it on the road again, but never happened.
As far as the body and interior goes, the owner was tired of the common fj40 rust issues starting to arise. So he ordered a complete replacement fiberglass tub along with fiberglass fenders to swap out. At that time the tub, fenders, and hood were repainted in Freeborn red, and all interior components were transferred over to the fiberglass tub. All dash controls, heaters, vents, and gauge clusters are in working condition except the fuel gauge seems to act up occasionally. In the pictures you will see some slight tint variation in the paint next to the original painted Freeborn red from the factory. The seats and upholstery are original and starting to show some wear. The stock headliner was replaced with a thicker insulated material for sound deadening. There is still some minor rust on the original doors, hood, and bezel along with a few dings, scratches and imperfections, but to be expected for an unrestored 37 year old cruiser.  
I was going to restore this landcruiser, but decided I don’t have the time to do it. This fj40 is in great mechanical condition and runs, steers, brakes, and drives excellent with solid power for a 2F.With most of the rust issues taken care of with fiberglass replacement parts, it wouldn’t take much to fully restore back to original quality….. or just drive the way it is as an unrestored classic fj40.

$11,000 OBO